Umbrella allows users to take selfies

BR-FU-067 model is a Bluetooth-enabled manual folding umbrella that allows users to take photos with their smartphones. The devices can placed on the autodyne holder attached to the rubber handle that also functions as a selfie stick.

The umbrella has a black pongee canopy, metal frame and three-section metal shaft. Product dimensions are 21in x 8K. The product weighs 500kg. Logos can be silk-screened and heat transfer-printed. Designs and colors are customizable.

Zhejiang province-based B&R Leisure Products Co.,Ltd is an umbrella specialist that turns out 50,000 piece each month. It offers straight, two- to five-fold, beach, children's, golf, promotional and heart-shaped couple's umbrellas. Umbrellas are exported more than 40 countries.

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