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Golf umbrellas are simply umbrellas that are used while on the golf course. It is an umbrella that is designed primarily to protect the player from rain. Golf umbrellas provide excellent protection from the sun and rain. They are typically larger than standard umbrellas, and it helps protect golfers and their carts. Many times, windy climate and rains spoil the game and the best way to be prepared for this predictability, is by having a golf umbrella. Non-golfers who look for a much bigger umbrella also use this type of umbrella that can protect them from the changing weather.  Additionally, many companies have acknowledged the importance of marketing through golf umbrellas. These companies use them at trade shows and conferences, or as business gifts. One of the main advantages of golf umbrellas is that they are larger than their normal counterparts and thus can grant greater protection from rain and provide sufficient shadow in case of the bright and scorching sunshine.

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