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Whether you are at work or at home, when you need to get outside in the rain, you want to know that you have an umbrella handy, to shield you against the rain and keep you dry. Some people prefer to have full length umbrellas that simply open and are ready for use, but others prefer the convenience of folding umbrellas.

Folding umbrellas are simply umbrellas that fold up so that they close easily and can be stored in a quick and efficient manner. This type of umbrella may be available in a number of styles, but the most common is the folding tote umbrella. The folding tote umbrella is designed to be able to be folded closed and then stored inside a tote bag or a similar large purse or bag. There are some other styles of folding umbrellas that exist as well, so you may want to see if there is a folding style of the particular type of umbrella that you are interested in.

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