How to select the right sun protection umbrella?

How to find out best sun umbrella to against high UV? Here gives some workable tips, which is by professional umbrella supplier - B&R Leisure Products Co.,ltd.

Hot summer is our enemy of  skin,choose a good sunshade umbrella can greatly weaken the harmful of the sun .But how to choose good sun protection umbrella, that is a learning.

Firstly, look at the label .Mainly to see the protection factor ,named UPF and UVA valus , only UPF more than 40,UVA less than 5% ,it can called sun protection umbrella.The greater the UPF value ,the better of protection effect.

Secondly,look at the color. Under the same fabric ,dark color umbrella's sun protection effect are better than light color umbrella.

Thirdly,look at the fabric. Thick fabric umbrella's sun protection are better than thin fabric umbrella. 

Nowdays, there is a stronger UV treated fabric that named "black UV fabric" for sun umbrellas. It's ok for folding umbrella, stick umbrella, kids umbrella, golf umbrellas, promotional umbrella, gift umbrella, upside down umbrellas and so on. Should you have more interest, feel free to contact our sales team for newest price.


Hope these can help us choose a good sun protection umbrella.