How to keep umbrella sample not be crushed in transit

It's not good news to both sender and receiver if parcel of umbrella samples arrived to clients but be crushed. To keep parcel enought strong, here offered some good method to avoid this problem.
Tip1: recommend umbrella strong model as possible as supplyer can, strong frame keeps parcel not easy be crushed by itself. B&R Leisure Products Co.,Ltd is offering all kinds of strong umbrellas, such like folding model auto open and auto close, windproof golf umbrella, strong quality beach umbrella and patio one.
Tip 2: use double layer carton box in triangle shape.
Tip 3: use carton boxes in cylindrical shape.
Tip 4: put strong steel together with umbrella sample in the parcel.
Tip 5: put foam in the parcel.
Tip 6: stick a paper that read words of be treated with care out of the parcel.