Whats best option of fabric for strong umbrella

Nowadays, more and more fabric material is coming for rain and sun umbrella, beach and patio. Users also care a lot of  umbrella quality more than price only. Here, B&R Leisure Products Co.,Ltd, as a professional umbrella supplyer, offers a few tips how to select strong quality of fabric for your umbrellas.

For rain/sun umbrella: in the market, there is 170T polyester/nylon, 190T one, taslon nylon and Pongee that used a lot for rain umbrellas. Among these material, Pongee is the best because of its good features of water proof and resistent of breaking. Except manufcturing umbrellas custom made, we also ok to offer raw material to supplyer who imports fabric to do assembling and imprint by themself.

For beach umbrella: standard material can be nylon, grams polyester, oxford, canvas. Nylon is used a lot for cheap beach umbrella, that for sea side, promotional purpose with low budget. In china, beach in oxford is most popular. Grams polyester in heavier, quality is stronger and price higher too, 140grams to 180grams polyester is your best option due to its strong quality, color assistant and waterproof.

For patio umbrella: fabric of grams low to 160grams and heavy to 235grams with PA and UV finish, we can all supply upon client's request. 160grams~180grams belong to standard quality level, 180grams~200grams belong to strong level, 200grams~235grams belong to luxury level. We use different grams fabric for our patio umbrellas upon market area. If you are looking for a reliable supplyer of patio umbrella for coffee store, hotel, beach, or patio use, feel free to contact our sale dept.