Folding umbrellas

Folding umbrellas or compact umbrellas are manufactured for people who would like umbrellas be convenient to carry when closed or not use. Its mini shape is helpful a lot to save room when put in the backpack, handbag or anywhere to store it.

Folding umbrellas now in the market can be 2 folding umbrellas manual open, 2 folding umbrellas automatic, 3 folding umbrellas auto open auto close, 3 folding umbrellas manual open, 4 folding umbrellas, 5 folding umbrellas manual open, 2 foldable umbrellas golf size, etc. 

As a professional supplier, B&R Leisure Products Co.,ltd is offering all kinds of folding umbrellas in various color and designs for clients, such like 5 foldable pocket umbrellas with case, bottle shaped folding umbrellas, 3 folding LED umbrellas,  3 folding fashion lace umbrellas, 3 and 5 folding lady umbrellas, men umbrellas 3 foldable, etc.

Umbrella design or color is unlimited, we can do silk imprint, digital imprint, heat-transfer imprint and rolling imprint one. No matter you want solid color umbrellas, plain umbrellas with simple logo or design or colorful umbrellas with design all over the canopy, we are ok to produce umbrella as per your request. Pls contact our sales team for more information of umbrella.