Do you know how to choose the best patio umbrella?

When you choose a patio umbrella, what you firstly should consider is the space to put a patio umbrella. Measure the available space to choose a good umbrella to put in. The most popular size for patio umbrellas is 9ft. Umbrella of this size works great to shade the typical patio table at home or a 4-seat restaurant table. The 11' patio umbrella comes in a close second in popularity.

After deal with the size, then turn your attention to umbrella style and color. Nowdays, there are rich option of canopy color and patterns, such like black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and white stripe, etc. As a leading manufacturer of umbrellas and parasols, B&R Leisure company

can offer various color and styles. No matter canopy in plain color as per PMS No. or stripe design as per your pattern, we are both ok. 

Thirdly, please pay attention to the point that whether umbrella canopy have UV protection or not. In the market, fabric such like polyester, Canvas, etc is usually done with PA coated but UV protection as per client's request. So, when you buy a patio umbrella request to against UV rays, just tell to the umbrella seller.

In the end ,Pick a heavy-duty base weighted with sand or water to make installing your patio umbrella a breeze - just put it in place and fill. If you choose a flatiron base, be sure its fittings fit your pole. Here by a link that list some standard models of base for you to choose.