The role and advantage of advertising umbrella

 Advertising umbrella as a modern and innovative form of advertising carrier, it not only has a large flow, colorful and good visual effects, and the design can be unrestricted, the structure can also choose, and beautiful and durable, quality and cheap A variety of advantages, has become an important form of corporate advertising, advertising umbrella has other forms of advertising unparalleled advantages.
1.wide coverage: advertising umbrella can reach other forms of advertising can not reach the place, advertising no blind spots. Users walk every day, where to go where the ads do. As long as you spend a small amount of money, then there will be thousands of people or even tens of thousands of people under the banner of your banner or brand logo swagger across the city, all over the corner, and each umbrella can affect 500-1000 people, advertising effect immeasurable.
2.mobility: advertising umbrella where to go where the advertising to do the advantages, whether sunny or rainy day, walking in the streets, it is an independent mobile free advertising. enhance corporate image: advertising umbrella with cloudy rain, sunny shade function, is an indispensable for men and women a daily necessities. Enterprises to send advertising umbrella, to help themselves make advertising at the same time so that customers feel a kind of business care, so that corporate image and reputation everlasting.
4.impressed: a umbrella a theme, where is an independent form of advertising, whether it is sunny or rainy days, advertising umbrella can produce irresistible visual impact, and for the owner of advertising umbrella, The memory of the corporate impression is firmly and firmly.
5.inexpensive: low cost of advertising umbrella input, the production process is fast, the consumer impression is deep, a 1 square meter of advertising light box 1 year of advertising costs will be about 1,000 yuan to do the cost of ordinary advertising umbrella Can do 10 light box advertising; a bus body advertising 1 year average advertising fee of more than 10 million yuan, the same use of more than 10 million umbrella can do nearly 10,000 umbrella, basically can cover a medium city The streets.
6.advertising time lasting: advertising 
umbrella life is generally 3-5 years, the enterprise can be long-term, repeated advertising, is a reliable form of advertising.